Topsoil & Compost

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Let’s call it what it is….”Dirt.” Yes, glorious soil; black nutrient rich earth! Circle B carries only the best Topsoil, Screened Fill Dirt, Garden Mix Blend, and Compost.


Our Pulverized Topsoil is hands-down some of the best quality topsoil around. It is processed through a dirt pulverizer and screener to give it an extremely fine texture that spreads just like butter. This even spreading property makes your job easier and saves you time. And with very little to no clay or sand, our topsoil is a true black dirt.

Screened Fill Dirt

screened soil Our Screened Fill Dirt is a good quality black dirt that is screened, but not pulverized. Because it is not pulverized, it can have some smaller chunks and pebbles in it. It is well suited for filling in areas around your home foundation and some holes. However, it is not as easy to work with as our Topsoil and it isn’t ideal in garden beds, planting areas, or grading work. This is a good option if you’re looking to save money and it suits your particular project, as our Screened Fill Dirt is our most economical soil.


Our S100 certified Compost is fully composted and run though a 3/8″ screener. Because we process it ourselves we’re able to pass those cost savings onto you, so you get a premium compost soil without the premium price tag. It is a lighter, “fluffier” texture than regular, dense black dirt. It is great for soil amendment, many garden applications, and raised garden beds.


Garden Mix Soil

garden soilOur Garden Mix Soil is a blend made up of 50% of our Compost and 50% of our Topsoil. This soil retains water a bit better than just our Compost alone, so is is a great choice for filling new raised garden beds. Our Garden Mix works works well for pots and gardens too.


Not sure how much you’ll need? You can use the yardage calculator to determine how much product you will need.

FAQ’s: What is Top Soil, and What is The Difference Between Top Soil and Compost?

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