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River Rock Red Rock Purple Quartzite Pewter 3/4" Pewter 1.5' American Wash American Heritage Deck Stone Crushed Red Granite Decomposed Granite Lava Rock Merrimac Blue Basin Pond Mix Blue Ridge

From walkways to gardens, to patios and borders, landscaping stones and rocks offer a long lasting, low maintenance, and eye catching way to improve your landscape. Circle B carries a great variety of colors, sizes, materials and textures of rock for you to choose from. We can also deliver to your home or landscape job site!

Whatever your challenge—whatever your style—we’re here to help!

If you need help deciding which decorative stone will best complement your residential surroundings or solve a landscaping challenge, let’s talk. Do you need something that stands up especially well to rain, foot traffic, or time? Which option can help with erosion control? Which is recommended for animal runs? Bring your questions, bring your concerns, bring the glossy magazine spreads that inspired you, and we’ll get you paired with the right residential decorative stone for your needs!

Not sure how much stone you’ll need? Use our Tonnage Calculator to estimate!

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