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landscaping stoneCommercial Landscape Stone

From granite to gravel, Circle B carries a great variety of colors, sizes, materials, and textures of landscape stone. We also provide bulk delivery of landscape stone in Madison and the surrounding area.

Whatever your challenge—whatever your style—we’re here to help!

If you need help deciding which landscape stone will best complement the surroundings or solve commercial landscaping challenges, let’s talk! No matter what you or your client’s stone needs are, we’ll get you paired with the right decorative landscape stone!

Want a quote? Just tell us what you’d like in our Wholesale Quote Request Form below and we’ll get back to you promptly with a cost estimate.




Please select what kind of area you have and enter each of your dimensions to estimate how many Tons you will need of Stone, Gravel, or Sand. If you have multiple areas DO NOT combine the dimensions, as this will come out to double the tonnage you actually need. Enter the Depth and the dimensions or diameter of each area separately, write down the tonnage amount for each, then add those tons together to get the correct amount.


*We normally recommend a depth of 2"-3" for a new stone area

TOTAL = Tons

*If you’re not a Contractor, click here to go to the Homeowner Retail Stone and Soil Quote Form.*

Quote Form For Landscape Contractors

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