The Circle B Team

Alan and his granddaughter Avery

Alan Buchner

Alan is one of the owners of Circle B, along with his brother Lyle. Alan is a fun, charismatic people-person that has a great sense of humor, and a great appetite as well. If he’s not in the office taking care of his many responsibilities and talking with customers, Alan can sometimes be found taking a spin in one of our trucks to help make deliveries.

Lyle and his grandson Brayson

Lyle Buchner

Lyle is one of the owners of Circle B and the other half of the Buchner brother duo. He’s easy going, kind-hearted, and full of jokes, and if his wife Laurie is the Mom of the office, Lyle is undoubtedly the Father figure of Circle B. Along with his many other duties, Lyle is in charge of our compost soil processing, so you’ll often find him turning the compost rows at our bulk storing location nearby.

Lyle and Laurie Buchner

Laurie Buchner

Laurie is our Office Manager and unofficial “Office Mom”. If she’s not in the front multitasking between taking orders and her many other jobs, she can often be found whipping-up big meals in our back kitchen to feed our staff. Laurie is the wife of owner Lyle Buchner, the heart of our Circle B office, and one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.



Dave is a man that wears many hats, figuratively and literally (this picture is probably the only time you’ll ever see him without a hat on). Among other things, Dave works as our salesman, products and inventory manager, expert patio paver and wall block consultant, display area designer and installer, loader, delivery schedule manager, and guru of all things landscape supply. It would probably save time to say what Dave doesn’t do for Circle B, but oh well.

Alanna and her puppy Mac


Our token front office millennial, Alanna has been with Circle B since April of 2016 and does a bit of everything for the office. She works as an order taker, secretary, customer service specialist, special projects manager, marketing director, website and social media manager (Hey everyone!), novice IT person, and whatever else needs to be done.


Vickie has been our go-to front desk gal since she started with Circle B in March of 2017. She’s well known locally due to her warm and outgoing personality, and it’s not unusual to find her briefly catching up with Circle B customers that also happen to be old friends of hers. Vickie works as our front desk order taker, sorter and filer extraordinaire, gourmet cook, and customer service specialist.