Top Soil & Compost


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Let’s call it what it is….”Dirt.” Yes, glorious dirt…black nutrient rich earth. Circle B carries a wide selection of grass seeds, fertilizer, compost, and yes…dirt, only the best screened topsoil and our very own compost soil. Our topsoil is processed through a dirt pulverizer to give it a fine texture, and our certified compost is fully composted and run though a 3/8″ screen. It’s great for soil amendment, gardens, or combined with our topsoil for a garden mix.

Not sure how much you will need? You can use the yardage calculator on the right to determine how much product you’ll need, then fill out the Contact Us form with your totals and what product(s) you’d like for a quote. Still not sure what you need? Give us a call or use the form to contact us with questions. We are happy to help!

FAQ’s: What is Top Soil, and What is The Difference Between Top Soil and Compost?