Circle B is the spot for mulch in Madison WI and the surrounding area!

Mulch not only insulates and enriches soil, it also beautifies any planned outdoor space. From playgrounds to gardens, to courtyards and walkways, mulch is an all around great choice for your yard or outdoor area.

At Circle B, we’re known as “The Mulch Men” because we supply an impressive selection of high-quality bark at the best prices. From our signature Double Shredded Bark to our more exotic Aromatic Cedar, our extensive variety means that when you come to us, you’ll always find a great fit for your yard or landscaping project. And you won’t have to beg, borrow, or steal in order to get your order from our grounds to yours, because we also provide speedy, economical delivery of mulch in Madison and the surrounding area!

Not sure how much mulch you’ll need? Use our Yardage Volume Calculator to estimate.

Check out our varieties:


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FAQ: How Much Mulch Should I Apply?